Entrepreneur and Financial Educator LaDonna N. Smith Educates Youth on How to Find their Path to Financial Empowerment

LaDonna N. Smith

LaDonna N. Smith is an award winning author and a well-known entrepreneur who aims to educate youth through her financial literacy programs. As the founder and editor-in-chief of Writer’s Life Magazine, she makes a great contribution to society by helping independent artists gain exposure for their hard work.

As a financial educator and an author, LaDonna N. Smith aims to educate youth with a proper understanding of good money habits. She educates young kids from kindergarten to twelfth grade through her books and financial literacy workshops while working closely with schools and other financial institutes. Her financial education program, S.W.A.G. (Saving With A Goal) is popular among both kids and parents. The objective of her program is to spread the importance of good money management.

Her Award Winning book ‘The Money Tree’

In 2014, ’The Money Tree’ won the the title of Financial Literacy Children’s Book of the Year award from the Institute for Financial Literacy. The award winning book ‘The Money Tree’ is a book for children which aims to deliver the message of the importance of parents introducing their young children to basic financial concepts.


Other than ‘The Money Tree’, LaDonna is the author of other well recognized books including ‘Mya Makes A Mess’.

Writer’s Life Magazine

As an entrepreneur and an award winning author, LaDonna Smith also helps other independent authors and artists by providing a platform called ‘Writer’s Life Magazine’. Through ‘Writer’s Life Magazine’, she aims to acknowledge the hard work of authors all across the globe by giving them a platform to showcase their literary work to the world.

To check more about LaDonna N. Smith, visit www.fydpublishing.com. You can also visit www.writerslifemagazine.com for more information on the magazine.


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