How to Save Money from your Wedding

A wedding is a memorable event for anyone’s lifetime and it also affects your finances and savings. If you think that you are tight in your capacity of spending for a wedding, don’t worry. Still you can have a beautiful and dreamy wedding. If you plan properly and if you follow a budget, it is not difficult to make it a reality. Don’t be surprised; all it takes is a little discipline together with the willingness to stick into a budget. But, don’t get me wrong. Budgeted wedding does not mean that you are going to have a wedding with everything cheap and finally your wedding is something where there is no quality. No you are wrong!
Here are few tips for you to follow to have your wedding with some savings. There are items where you can save some money with proper planning.

How to save money from your wedding?

#1: Hire a Wedding planner

You may think hiring a wedding planner is an extra cost for you. Instead, you may assume to save some money which goes to a wedding planner. But, do you know you can have a well-organized wedding with a planner. Instead of removing hiring a wedding planner, search a bit. You will find a wedding planner for a reasonable charge.

With a wedding planner you will have a well-organized wedding and you will be able to save some money from the professional charges and other essential things. You can get some recommendations from your planner for other services like photography, venue etc. It is helpful to work with someone who can help you to find other services which deliver the highest quality work for the most reasonable price. Also talk with them, your wedding planner may be able to give some suggestions to you on how you can save money from some items.

#2: Wedding during the off-season


Another thing that helps you to save some money without losing the quality of the wedding is by having it in off season. Plan your wedding during the off-season to avoid the peak period prices. Most wedding venues may lower their rates during the off season. Start searching early. So, you are able to book your venue with the lowest rate they give throughout the year. Also other wedding professionals are not fully booked during the off season. Then, you will be able to get a reasonable rate by discussing with them.

#3: Save from Wedding Dresses

Wedding dress and other dresses are also an important item for any wedding. There are several ways to save from the wedding dress.

Keep your eye on discounts and offers. Sometimes, some popular brands give more than 50% discounts on their items for a reason. Get the advantage of these offers.

Off the rack dresses are another option to try.Most bridal shops have a off the rack section where you can find never worn bridal gowns for an affordable rate.


Some shops give discounts when you buy items for a certain amount. To get these types of discounts, you can buy all your wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses and other dresses such as mother of the bride dress from the same shop. It is a great way to save some money.


Another great option to save from the wedding gown is that you can rent your wedding gown. With this option, you have a great opportunity to wear a beautiful  bridal dress for an affordable rental rate. I think wearing a good quality wedding gown is better than wearing a cheap wedding dress for the same rate. Visit your local bridal shop and check their charges for rental wedding gowns. Then you will be able to decide by comparing the expenses for buying a gown and savings that you can have.

#4: Limit your guests list


This is another way to cut down your costs. However, this may seems uncomfortable. But, if you go through the list, you may be able to cut down few guests if you really want to save some money or if you are really tight with your budget.

Above are some of the main things that you can consider to save some money on your wedding. Finally save money doesn’t mean to do tasks for low rate and low quality. It should be always to get the highest quality work for the most affordable rate. Then you will be able to deliver your work with quality by saving some money or buy sticking to a budget. I hope above tips are helpful for you.

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