How to Use Stop-Loss and Take-Profit in Forex Trading

How to Use Stop-Loss and Take-Profit in Forex Trading

The Stop-loss and take-profit strategy (SL/TP) is the at the essence of forex strategy (also known as tőzsde stratégia in Hungary). The success of the strategy basically depends on the correct placement of each tool. That is not the only thing required of a trader when using the strategy, however. A trader has to decide whether they will use both of the tools simultaneously or whether to use either of them independently. Regardless of what a trader decides to do, it is important to know how to use the tool effectively. Here is how to use the SL/TP strategy.


How to Use Stop-Loss and Take-Profit in Forex Trading

Calculating the SL/TP orders is now much easier than before. You can find various calculators online that do this exact kind of work. To begin the calculations, however, you need to have established the currency pair you are working with and the initial assets you wish to invest. After doing that, you can then calculate things like:

  • The margin needed to initiate trades
  • The profits expected from the trade
  • The fees that will be paid after the transaction

Forex calculation also involves currency conversion and calculation of commissions among other things. In general, the basic calculations involved are necessary for the success of the SL/TP strategy.


When it comes to proper placement and deployment of the SL/TP, several issues must be considered. First, logic must be at the center of the placement. This means that upon proper placement, the strategy should actually make sense in relation to the surrounding conditions of the market. Other than that, it is important to know that the strategy can also be retracted if and when necessary. Sometimes, subjective decisions can force traders to make inaccurate and invalid calculations. If this happens, there will be no choice but to retract the strategy or manually close the trade.

How to Use Stop-Loss and Take-Profit in Forex Trading

Things to know

A couple of issues need to be put into context regarding the use of the SL/TP. Here are some of the issues you must know regarding this strategy.

  • The strategy must be used alongside other tools in order to work
  • SL/TP highly depends on proper technical analysis
  • The tool can be used on any chart that relies on market trends
  • SL/TP is not for predicting trends but for marking intended entry and exit points in the market

Taking into context the above issues, it is easy to see that the SL/TP strategy is not an analytical tool by itself but a safeguard against an unpredictable market. Responsible use of the strategy thus involves having all the necessary predictions in place before deploying it.

In conclusion

The SL/TP can help traders manage their accounts effectively. The forex business is risky and wild. It is thus important to have a reliable safeguard against the possible shocks. The Stop-loss and take-profit offer a reliable solution that all traders, whether amateurs or experts, can use to keep their trades within predictable boundaries. The tool is an exceptional instrument that effectively removes trading risks and significantly increases profits when used aptly.


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