Questions to Ask Before Renting a Workshop Space

Renting a Workshop Space

Event planning is not easy if you don’t do it well. Workshops are the same. To do your workshop you need to do lot of planning. If you think it is all about renting a workshop, you are wrong. You have to rent the right space for the right workshop at the right location. This is why we want to share below questions to ask before renting a workshop space. Even if you look for workshop to rent in London or any other location, these questions will help you to clear with any doubts.

Ask about the Rent

Rent is important. Therefore be clear with rental of the space. Some questions that you can ask are,

  • What is the rent of the space?
  • What is the time period which we can use the workshop space?
  • How if we need to book extra hours beyond the initial booking?
  • What are the facilities you provide for this rental?
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Ask about the food and refreshments

Refreshments are another important thing to consider when you rent workshop space.

  • Do you provide food & drink?
  • Can we hire an outside caterer?
  • Does the workshop space venue provide necessities such as plates, dishes, cups etc?
  • What are your charges for arranging refreshments?

Ask about the venue facilities

 Workshop space facilities are important when you organize a workshop. Therefore below are some of the questions which you can ask to know more about the facilities provided by the venue.

  • Do you provide whiteboard, laptop, markers etc?
  • How about the projector?
  • Is there any admin help provided?
  • What are the things do we need to bring?
  • How about workshop space?

Above are the most important things to know and you will need to clear about before booking your workshop venue. However depending on the topic you are going to discuss at your workshop, there may have other questions to ask. The best thing is to list down all the important things before you contact the venue. In this way you will not miss any important thing for a successful workshop planning.

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