5 Simple Steps to Self-Motivation and More Productivity in Your Career

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We are in a competitive world and with today’s lifestyle it is essential to know how to motivate yourself and make the day productive. With lot of work pressure and stressful feelings, it is better to understand how to work happily and in return increase your sales or productivity. Whatever job you are doing, at the end you are selling yourself. So, to be successful, here are some simple tips to stay motivated and happy in your work life.

5 Simple Steps to Self-Motivation and More Productivity in Your Career

#1 –must believe in the product

Now, you are selling yourself. So, the product is ‘you’ in whatever career.
First, you need to believe in “you.” That is you need lot of positive and the right attitude.

In whatever carrier, the first thing others notice about you is your attitude. If you suffer from lack of confidence it is not easy to win others.
Talk positively to yourself. If you’re hearing “yes, I can do this or that” then you are self-confident. Good Luck, carry on with your job!
Avoid criticizing, condemning and complaining yourself or your workload. Start spreading happiness.

#2 – Smile

This is so simple. You no need to have lot of efforts. Just smile with others and have a pleasant face. People will attract to you.

#3 – Watch the other person

What does other person’s body language tell you? Are they comfortable with you? Or are they a bit nervous?
Are they listening to you? Or are their eyes rushing around the room?
Watch the person in front of you. If they’re not comfortable and not listening when you talk, that means they are not comfortable with your talking.
It is better to make some small talk.

#4 – Use names

Always try to Use the customer’s name whenever you can but also don’t overdo it.
Business is less formal nowadays. But, you also need to be careful of using first names initially.

#5 – Be interested.

If you want to be interesting, then be interested on others. If the other person in front of you senses that you value them and that you feel that they’re important and worth listening to, then eventually they will appreciate you too.

Other than above listed, always be positive. Be warm and friendly. These will help you to rise among others in day to day life and in your career.

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