Entrepreneur Reuben Singh Helps Students by Launching University Scholarship

Entrepreneur Reuben Singh

Reuben Singh who is a successful entrepreneur based in Manchester launched his new scholarship program with the aim of helping university students to fund their university fees. As a Manchester based entrepreneur, Reuben Singh was privileged to get support from his parents for his entrepreneur journey. However he believes in passing down the knowledge to next generation. That is the main idea behind him to launch this scholarship.

As per Reuben Singh ”Never stop learning because life never stops teaching’’

Who is Reuben Singh?  

If you don’t know about Reuben Singh, here are few facts about him. Entrepreneur Reuben Singh is the founder for famous fashion chain Miss Attitude and at the time he founded this fashion retail chain he was just 19 years old. AlldayPA is his other company which operates as business support Services Company.

At present Reuben Singh manages several popular and profitable businesses and he puts his efforts to promote British Entrepreneurship .

Reuben Singh Scholarship

Reuben Singh Scholarship aims in providing students with £9,000 funds as their tuition and to be qualified the applicants must be UK residents. Through the scholarship Reuben Singh aims to help young people who are into business or who are already demonstrating their entrepreneur skills including how they set up their business.

The selection criteria for the Reuben Singh Scholarship include shortlisting of applicants and interviewing them with nominated interview panel.

You can check more details of Reuben Singh Scholarship by visiting www.reubensinghscholarship.com including how to apply and the next application deadline for the scholarship.



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