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FanComp Empire

Crowdfunding campaigns are one of the most popular ways to increase funds for any business. Although there are many crowdfunding campaigns happening around the world, some campaigns do not include anything unique. However, FanComp Empire is a campaign that helps backers to earn CompCoins or FanComp Coins when they join with this unique idea to make it a real! If you love to join with crowdfunding campaigns but you want something unique and creative, then check this FanComp Empire campaign which is active now.


What is FanComp Empire?

FanComp Empire is an online platform which is created for its fans. It works as a social business media which helps its fans to compensate financially for sharing and selling their artistic intellectual property. This is really a good idea for those who are creative.

In FanComp, the profits earned will be shared among all those who participated including the artist, lucky fan who helped promoting the creative and the FanComp.

FanComp Empire

How does FanComp Empire campaign work?

You can visit FanComp Empire campaign page to support it. As a reward you will receive CompCoins. If you don’t know what CompCoins are, let me explain.

CompCoins are the currency used in FanComp. So, when you own CompCoins, you are able to do transactions in FanComp platform which makes it an interesting way to network with the others who use the platform.

Isn’t this interesting and exciting? Check the FanComp Empire campaign in for more details.

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  1. Corey Marland | April 26, 2018 at 3:11 pm | Reply

    FanComp seems pretty cool for musicians and fans I like it a lot

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