How to Appoint Company Secretary in Singapore : The Options

How to appoint company secretary in Singapore

Have you already registered your business in Singapore?Then I know that you want to know how to appoint company secretary in Singapore as there are different options available.

When you start your business in Singapore, it is essential to appoint your corporate secretary within the time period as mentioned by ACRA. This is why it is important for every business owner to identify the possible ways to appoint their company secretary. Most of the business owners only think of hiring full time corporate secretary which costs more for the company including salary and benefits. However hiring full time staff is not the best option for small business owners. There are different ways to get your corporate secretarial services Singapore when you launch your business. Below we mention the possible ways in order to help you in taking decision.

Hire full time corporate secretary

Hiring full time staff is the traditional way of organizing your company structure. Most entrepreneurs know that this is the best and easy way to find new staff including company secretary. However your business should focus on profit not on spending. Other than the salary you will have to provide benefits including basic office facilities. Therefore hiring a full time company secretary may not the best option for you at the launch of the new entity. If you consider staff salary and hire a secretary who only poses few years of experience then you will need to provide them training. This is another disadvantage of hiring full time staff as they may not retain for longer period.

Then what is the next available option for corporate secretarial services Singapore?

How to appoint company secretary in Singapore

Outsource your corporate secretary

Outsourcing is the easiest way to appoint your company secretary after registering your business entity. When you outsource corporate secretarial services Singapore you will enjoy many benefits. The most highlighted benefit is the cost savings. You will not have to provide the office facilities and other benefits such as bonus when you outsource your corporate secretary.

On the other way you will easily hire experts in the industry when you choose the outsourcing option. You will not have to instruct them or train them in order to work as a corporate secretary. Outsource professionals are usually experts and they can work independently on their task.

This is why most small business owners like to choose outsourcing than hiring full time corporate secretarial services Singapore.

Above are the available options for your company corporate secretarial services in Singapore. Consider and compare the both options and choose the best that suits your business.

How to appoint company secretary in Singapore ?What is your best option from the above?

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