With Low-Tels.com You can Raise funds for Your Nonprofit

When you handle a nonprofit organization then fundraising is one of the biggest challenges. Most of the non-profit organizations depend on the contributions and donations. However here is how you can use Low-Tels.com for your nonprofit fundraising campaigns.

Before everything it is worth to know what is Low-Tels.com

What is Low-Tels.com

Low-Tels.com is owned by Wholesale Hotels Group and it is an online travel agency. The main aim of them is to provide the maximum savings to the customers through their hotel cashback programs . Interestingly Low-Tels.com offers most popular expensive hotels and even budget hotels with the maximum savings through their cash back program. Therefore the customers are able to choose the hotels from a variety of collection. You don’t have to worry about the limited hotels when you use their program.

How to use Low-Tels.com for your non-profit fundraising?

If you wonder how you can benefit from Low-Tels.com’s cash back programs for fundraising, let me explain.

When your nonprofit organization joins Low-Tels.com, it will receive a unique referral link and you will also get a host of banners you can insert on your nonprofit organization’s website. When anyone clicks on that banner/link and signs up, that user will still receive the same 4-6% cashback when they book directly with hotels but those users will earn your organization an ADDITIONAL 1% cashback FOR LIFE! This is not a per transaction referral payout to your nonprofit, but a lifetime, recurring revenue! So all you need to do is to insert their banner and see how it allows you to monetize your site while you are helping your users get cash back on hotel purchases.

Features of Low-Tels.com cash back program

Here are some worth mentioning features of Low-Tels.com cash back program. With the features you can easily raise funds for your non-profit organization compared to other funding methods which you have to put more efforts.

  • You can help your users to earn cash back when they book hotels using your link.
  • There is no maximum limit for any organization or person. Therefore you can earn funds continuously for your non-profit organization.
  • This is win-win program where you and your user both enjoy benefits.
  • After all, integration the program to your site is really easy and simple. Once integrated, your non-profit organization is ready to raise funds!

Isn’t this sound great? If you run any non-profit organization then head on to www.low-tels.com to find out more details!

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