Mechanics Lien Waiver and Release Forms

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If you plan to do any home improvement project or any home repair work, then you need to hire contractors and subcontractors and mechanics depending on the work you are going to perform. This is where you need to use construction lien waiver forms.

What is Lien Waiver form?

If you have the doubt thinking what Lien Waiver form is, then this article is to explain the basics about the Lien Waiver Forms.Before writing this we also contacted the professionals at Sihela Consultants about some contractual matters as they are construction claim specialists.

When you hire contractors for any project which you need to complete then you need to get the contractor signed in a form. This form is known as Lien Waiver form.

Once you paid the contractors, or once you paid for a portion of the project which they’ve completed, then you can get your contractor sign a Lien Waiver form. This form will protect you from any payment claim which can arise in the future.

Mechanics Lien Waiver is used when a person hire a mechanics for any work. You need a Mechanics Lien Form when you pay the mechanic and using this form the mechanic agrees to release any other claim or lien regarding the work they’ve done on your property.

How to find the Lien Waiver forms?

When you perform any project or sub contract with any contractor, mechanic or sub-contractor, you need to have Lien Waiver & Release Forms. There are many sites which share pdf form of these Lien Waiver & Release Forms which you can download easily. Once you download your Lien Waiver forms, it is easy to get it signed with your contractor or mechanic in order to get the release of Lien.

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