How to Attract Press Coverage to Your Startup using Pressfarm


When you launch a startup, it is also important to manage your marketing and branding solutions in order to grow the business. While there are many branding options, you can’t forget the value you get from press coverage. Can you imagine your startup name appear in a popular newspaper, website or even in news media? All these will attract your new customers together with brand awareness of your startup.

But how you can reach potential journalists? When you don’t have any clue, sure your competitor will take the advantage.

With Pressfarm you can easily reach potential journalists and as a result you can attract press coverage. This is why we want to introduce Pressfarm to our readers.

What is Pressfarm?

It is a platform available for startup owners like you to reach potential journalists. Pressfarm offers different PR services including press release distributions, PR database access, creation of press kit and expert advice. Therefore you can easily handle your PR campaign after launching the startup.

Growth hack with Pressfarm

Growth hacking technics are important once you launch your startup. This is why public relations are important. With online visibility and brand awareness campaigns you can reach your target audience easily. On the other way you have to be an inspiring founder of your startup which journalists want to admire. Eventually they will start writing about you. But, if you don’t use PR campaign right, you will not get all these benefits.

Benefits of Pressfarm for your PR campaign

When you use Pressfarm, you can assure that your PR campaign is in order. You can easily distribute your press release to the relevant parties. You don’t have to worry about hiring staff or outsourcing people to such tasks which also need your attention. Pressfarm will handle everything.

Through PR contacts this is a great way to contact relevant people for press coverage. After all you will assure your brand awareness campaign is smooth and running with success.

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