Reasons to Teach Your Children to Speak French

Reasons to Teach Your Children to Speak French

Always knowledge is power. Learning a new language is a great way of opening to a new culture. That will expand your understanding and communication power with the world through another culture. As one of the top five influential languages in the world, French is a widely used language nowadays. Therefore, if you teach your child a second language, French can be a good decision. Here are some reasons to show you why French is an important language.

Reasons to Teach Your Children to Speak French

French is a widely taught language

French is taught widely around the world and it only seconds to English. French is also an official language in many international organizations. Organizations such as International Red Cross, United Nations and International Olympic Committee use French as one of their international languages. If you decide to teach your child, French, it will be a great decision. Having command over a widely used language will give more benefits for your child in future.

French is a language for the job market

If your child is able to speak English, then he will have more opportunities in future in the job market. France as a key economy partner in the world, there are many French companies around the world including the countries such as Canada, Switzerland and Belgium. Learning French will open world to him and as a biggest economy France will be a good destination in future for anyone.

French is a language of culture

When it comes to cooking, theater, fashion or dance; the knowledge of French has more benefits. French opens your child’s world to learn many arts and culture. Even you can introduce French to your child through the culture and customs of France. Even a French meal will give him some interest on learning about France and then the language, French.

Other than the above reasons, there are many other benefits from learning French. If one day your child visits France, definitely he will feel comfortable with his ability of speaking French. .

Also French is a good base language to learn other languages such as Spanish, Italian, Romanian and Portuguese. This is a good reason for you to give your child the knowledge of French because in future he can decide to learn other more languages with interest.

How to teach French to your child?

Reasons to Teach Your Children to Speak French

Above are some good reasons for you to decide on French as a new language to your child. But, if you worry thinking how to teach French to your kid, here are some options.

The best decision is to sign up with a class or a course that teaches French. In this way, your child will have a French tutor and he will learn the language with interest. There are institutions that teach French in most countries. Therefore, finding a French tutor is not a difficult task. It is better to find a class near the area you live, so If you live near Thornhill, try to find a french tutor thornhill. That will save your time of carrying your child to the class and also it is easier for your child too. If you think it is difficult to find a French class in your area, just search internet. Most of these classes have their own websites and you will find a class easily. For example, just search the phrases French tutor Thornhill or French lessons Thornhill if you want a French class in Thornhill. Similar to these phrases, just change the place you are looking for a class.

Learning online or learning through DVD also great options. But,if your child needs more attention or if he doesn’t like self-learning, my idea is that it is better to send him to a private tutor. A French tutor will deliver the lessons by giving more attention to your child and that will make him interesting on learning his new language.

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  1. My husband grew up speaking French in Quebec and so he really wants our children to go to an immersion school next year so they can start learning it. I really like what this post has to say about how French will enable our children to have more opportunities in the job market when they grow up. In what ways would someone need to know French instead of English to work in Canada?

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